Remove all Outer Packaging & Labels Before Use.

Always burn a candle on a suitable non-flammable holder, placed on a level

protected, flame resistant surface, away from flammable materials, heat & draughts.

NEVER place directly onto surfaces that cannot withstand heat, such as TVs, computers or baths,

even when the candle is in a holder.

Decorated candles should not be used in fragrance warmers/oil burners or lanterns.

Trim wick to 1cm before lighting & ensure there is ample room above the flame

for the candle to burn safely.

Do not allow molten wax to come into contact with the skin.

NEVER blow candles out, extinguish with a candle snuffer takingcare not to damage

or displace the wick. Remove debris from the wax pool before relighting.

NEVER touch or move a burning candle, or leave unattended.

Always keep candles away from children & animals.

Burn for a maximum of 2 hours continuously.

NEVER allow the wick to completely burn down.